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Whats Melting Today

Firstly, me in this weather!! That is not a compliant, I’m loving these summer days.

It’s not a new scent to the collection, but it is a new oil from a new supplier. Lemongrass & Ginger, this is its maiden voyage, its first burn! Admittedly its about 5 days early out of the curing cupboard (Curing is the period of time from making the Soy Wax Melts to the point where its at its most solid state) but I couldn’t wait. When I first opened the oil bottle upon making, I wasn’t sure it was going to make the collection, BUT I’ve changed my mind since it’s been melting. It’s a gorgeous, summer delight so fresh and zingy.

It opens with fresh lemon peel, sun drenched lemongrass and grapefruit which lead to crushed ginger root, cardamoms and coriander seeds.

It reminds me of Lemon Sherbets I think!! Today I was testing on the aroma lamp, next test will be in five days on a tea-light burner.

If its successful, my lovely monthly subscriptions will have the first try, as they always get the new scents before I release them.

The Wax Bar Monthly Subscription Boxes always come with a free wax bar every month. 4 Wax bars for the price of 3, a bar for every week of the month.! Here’s the link if you are interested

Watch this space, I’ll be back with an update soon 🖤

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