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Citronella Candles, say no to Wasps this August!!

Citronella Candles
Citronella Candles

ITS TRUE a mini heat wave is arriving tomorrow!

I'm sure we'll all be soaking up the last few weeks of summer with picnics and BBQs.. BUT dining al frescos in August means wasps!!

Wasps send out a scout searching for food and once found will alert the whole colony! However , wasps strongly dislike the scent of Citronella. With their heightened sense of smell, they'll actively steer clear of any area infused with Citronella Essential Oil's fragrance.

The Citronella scent not only deters the swarm of wasps heading uninvited to your BBQ it masks the enticing aroma of food they find irresistible. I suggest lighting your Citronella Candles about an hour before serving food for full effect.

Blue Glass Citronella Candles
Blue Glass Citronella Candles

Citronella does have a very strong woody, lemongrass scent if you find it too overpowering at the patio table, pop your candles around the garden instead. Just remember to extinguish them before returning indoors, and always keep them within view and in a secure spot, away from the reach of children and animals.

Say no to wasps with Our Citronella Candles, blended with Soy wax and the finest Essential oils.

Love them or hate them, wasps do play a vital role in our ecosystem, so lets think twice before swatting them and definitely avoid killing them.


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