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Being Interviewed by the lovely Frily Team

We pride ourselves on featuring products from some of the best independent businesses

and makers Chelmsford and the surrounding areas have to offer. So, we’re delighted to be working alongside one of the local leaders in hand poured scented gifts, Fifibells Gifts.

All their products are lovingly hand crafted by founder and owner, Nicola, from her home in Chelmsford and guaranteed to enhance the atmosphere of any room or garden.

From Three Wick Bowl Candles and Geometric Candles to Wicker Basket Gift Sets and Candle Making Kits there’s a product for every taste, making them the perfect gift for a loved one or treat for yourself.

Nicola was good enough to take some time out of her busy schedule to answer some of our questions..

Is there a particular product you've made which you're most proud of?

Candles!! They are such underestimated product. It can take months to prefect, no two scents behave the same and need countless tests with different wick sizes, the temperature of the room, the heat of the wax when pouring. When you finally crack it, its definitely an eureka moment.

How would you describe making scented gifts to a bunch of five-year-olds?

1 Melt a load of wax, NOT EAR WAX!

2 Mix in some stinky stuff, don’t drink it!

3 Stick a bit of string in it.

4 Allow to cool without sticking your fingers in it.

5 Set it on fire.

What’s the dumbest thing you believed as a child?

That Dick van Dyke is actually English!

Swallowing chewing gum would stay in your body for 7 years !

What’s your favourite music genre?

I am 80s baby and raved in the 90s, so these two eras are my go-to on my party play list. When creating there is always an Ibiza Chillout/lounge playlist on

What is your idea of the “perfect” day (outside of work)?

Beach Days!! By the sea with my family is our happy place.

What is one item on your bucket list?

This is so bad….. Learn to drive! But that’s quite boring, I could never jump out of a plane, I have HUGE fear of heights. I would love to go on Safari one day.

Is there a particular business in the world of scented gifts that you most admire?

Jo Molone!! She had dyslexia, in a time it wasn’t supported in schools, left school at 13 to help her mum who had suffered a massive stroke. But, with her passion and creativity she took her kitchen table business to multi million-pound empire!!

If someone wanted to start making scented gifts, what are the top things they should know?

A decent, concentrated, clean, uncut oil is key!

Test, test, test and test again!

Know you customer base

Understand the classification, labelling & packaging rules and regulations

What do you love most about making your gifts?

I think all artists/crafters love to get lost in their work and I’m always thinking of new collections and new scents to add.

All small business owners have a little bit of imposter syndrome, but when a customer goes out of their way to tell you how much they loved a product is the best feeling ever.

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