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What you need to know about Reed Room Diffusers

Updated: Feb 21, 2023

Reed Diffusers are becoming increasingly more popular as they do not require electricity, heat or flame. They are perfect for places in your home you love to have scented over a long period of time, without the worry or the cost of an Aroma Lamp being on all day or nervous with open flamed candles around children or pets.

What is a Reed Room Diffuser?

Reed diffusers have a simple working process. Reeds are inserted into their glass bottles which are filled with a fragranced formula. The submerged end of the reed sticks absorbs the oil, while the previously submerged end constantly emits the aroma into the air producing long-lasting fragrance.

The strength of the fragrance depends upon how many reeds that you add to your diffuser. Our luxury reed diffuser come with 8 Reeds which I find to be the perfect amount. The greater the number of reeds that you place into the diffuser the stronger the scent will be, but this will result in the scent being used up faster than it usually would with the standard 6.

Diffusers are better suited in smaller rooms, such as hallways, bathrooms and bedrooms. Much like a candle, a Reed Diffuser preforms best when its out of direct sunlight and away from drafts. Both of these factors can speed up the drying of the reeds, evaporation of the oil and shorting of the life span of the product.

“How do I know when my Reeds need changing?”

This question is asked a lot! There is no simple answer as there are many factors to take into consideration.

The Reeds function is to absorb the formula through microscopic channels inside the reed, pulling it all the way to the top, this process is called Capillary Action. Once the oil reaches the top it begins to diffuse the scent molecules, dispersing the fragrance into the room.

Reeds are usually made from either Bamboo, Rattan or Fibre. The Bamboo Reeds have tiny nodes in the channels resulting in a less efficient scent dispersal. Rattan Reeds are a grea

t choice as they have tiny tube-like structure running the entire length of the reed. Fibre reeds are made from fibre thread designed specifically for the purpose of oil wicking, scent dispersal and less clogging, soaking up and diffusing the scent stronger and faster than its woody counterparts.

If there is oil in the bottle, but you can no longer smell the aroma, this could be as simple as your reeds need turning. Reeds should be turned at least every one to two weeks.

The lifespan of a Reed is usually about 6 months before the channels can become clogged or saturated with dust and other air particles and they can no longer absorb and disperse the fragrance. At this point, I usually notice the Reeds feel heavier than usual when turning.

Refilling your Reed Room Diffuser

FIFIBELLS GIFTS Refill options come in 50ml or 100ml, you do not have to use our diffuser jars, an old perfume bottle or small vase can make the perfect Diffuser vessel. We highly recommend washing the vessel out with warm soapy water before adding the refill, shake the refill gently before pouring and always use new reeds.

We hope you continue to enjoy our range of Reed Room Diffusers.

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